Wednesday 18 November 2009

One Very Happy Lady...

Today Maxine came over to my house to play with sewing machines. (did I mention that I have lots of machines to play with???) She had really already decided on the Janome 6600 and after playing on it for a couple of hours.... the decission was final... it was keeper!
We did laugh when Maxine used the thread cutter... she said it sounded like a cup dropping from a vending machine... so I made her a cuppa tea for the full effect, ha ha ha.
This is Maxine testing the Janome for its free motion quilting capabilities, I can't
remember how many times she said "oh, yes, I like this... Ooooh yesssss, I like this" he he he.... I think she liked it!... She actually loved it and ordered one, now she is so excited I bet she won't sleep!

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Roslyn said...

Well, I confess I am a Pfaff woman for life, I have two of them. I think at least count I had nine machines,five of them working antiques including a treadle. But I know people who are Bernina devotees & I used to have one of the original 930's.
As for china-I have shelves full of beautiful English bone china-it is a weakness I inherited from my Grandmothers & Mother! Tea time is an elegant affair whether alone or with company. My 98yr.old Dad will only drink his tea from a fine china cup!