Thursday, 21 October 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Here we go... in no particular order and with photos taken by Gilly (thank you Gilly) I present today's post from our meeting in Caverswall Village Hall...
Annie, I can hardly keep up with her progress actually.... this is her second 'Split 4 Patch' quilt top, she cut out all the sashing and corner stones. She has still got all the
green and yellow split 4 patch blocks that she made last week... they will have a scrumptious yellow sashing with green corner stones, just lovely!
Lacey Anne continued to work on
her floor tiles I am very impressed with how it's looking so far, I have taken lots of photographs of floors over the years but I never did anything with them.
Foxy Margaret added the borders and made a sandwich with her project. It's for a 96 year old friend, Helen suggested calling it 'Strawberry Shortcake', good name!
Arty Beryl's fabulous crazy pieced block. She confessed that she keeps missing book club to come to our Quilt Cave and is loving it so much that she might be retiring from book club completely, ha ha ha "welcome to the dark side Arty Beryl" ...
Irene is working on a Railfence baby quilt for a little boy. It's always a pleasure working on baby quilts... I think the size has something to do with that eh.
Lizzy made a sandwich with one of her Christmas 'Quick Table Toppers' and started quilting it in the ditch, it's perfect for this little project and great practice too!
Diane had a private tutor for the day. She wanted a zip in her double sided cushion and, I freely admit, I had no clue how to do that. So I called on the expertise of Dotty Maureen, who knows how to do just about everything, (I only know about patchwork and quilting you see.. oh, and cleaning it seems! ha ha ha) it took all day to get it just right for Diane, I bet she uses Velcro next time!
Chris was free motion quilting the huge Mat & Ruler bag sides again... I can't decide whether she loves using the Bernina Aurora BSR or it's just a thing she has for my Galp gloves! (free from purchasing diesel in Portugal)
Joan The Shop has finished quilting the Peppa Pig quilt and we trimmed up all the edges... wooooohoooo! Joan is so pleased to have it almost done. She purchased a lovely bright pink fabric from the Table Top Shop to use as the binding.
Gilly announced to us all that she had FINALLY finished fussy cutting all the bits she needs to complete this project, she even did a bottom wiggling victory dance just to add to the moment! ha ha ha Now to the piecing....

It was a fun and productive day, as usual. We had a very inspiring demonstration on Quilt-As-You-Go... provided by me, myself, yours truly... yes I am blowing my own trumpet, I did a great job! ha ha ha

We meet again in Caverswall Village Hall on Friday, 22nd October... 10am - 3pm, give or take a few minutes.
Kettle Corner, once again, will be very happy to have you visit to see what we are up to and "Table Top Shop, with wadding on the side" will be happy to serve you with all your patchwork and quilting needs, and wants... lets not forget the wants !!!!


Tracey said...

Hi Angie,
Like this post very much, so much happening , one question its not the 1st time i have seen people wear gloves but i never known the reason why, can you tell me , im still new to quilting ,

Maggi said...

Your ladies are producing fantastic quilts. Pity you couldn't have included a video of the bottom wiggling victory dance!