Saturday, 30 October 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Maid Marian's quilt centre. The pattern is based on one seen in a Fabrications magazine, the one Ann bought in a few weeks ago. It gives the illusion of some very clever piecing, but it is the good old favourite... Railfence! We're very impressed.

Brenda Barbara was free motion quilting using the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) She meandered around the inner borders which made the Christmas Tree 'pop' out. She did both of her Advent calendars so I suspect next week we will be binding them....

AJ (Angela that's not me) came to play.... not to see us but to take complete advantage of our lovely big tables... and who can blame her, they are wonderful. She's going to quilt the project in the two halves, then they will be joined together and borders added last of all. You see how chic AJ is... her work box matches her project, which is a Pineapple Blossom from

Helen, seen here modeling a very special favourite of mine, Free from fuel Galp gloves!... and the Bernina of course, ha ha ha. She's free motion quilting "in the ditch" of her stars, very skillfully too... I think it's the gloves!!

Joan The Shop still has forty or so 6" Daizies to make but, after calculating the coping strip, she couldn't wait to get it sewn on... that lovely, bright yellow just makes the Daizies shout "Sunshine"
It would have been a good day for you to visit Kettle Corner ... Pauline brought in fresh cream chocolate eclairs and Helen made special birthday cup cakes for us all, what a treat!

We meet again on Wednesday 3rd NOVEMBER! 10am - 3pm, I will be demonstrating another way of doing Apartment Quilting... (quilt as you go)

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Birte said...

Hi Angie
I love the advent calendars. Is there a link to a pattern somewhere???
I would be very happy.
love Birte