Sunday, 31 October 2010

Quilty Quarters, Apartment Quilting

As you know, I am on a mission to help all of my ladies to quilt their own projects, no matter how big they are. They already know, because I showed them, how to do Quilt-As-You-Go. They know how to join all the blocks together with a thin sashing... what if you want a wider sashing... this was my dilemma.
I had a few ideas, tried them all and deleted them. This one though, I like... beware, I might confuse you , he he he.
You already know that I quilted 9 x 17" blocks (blue) just to try this joining lark. I wanted 2" sashing.... (this method would work for any size. You want 12" wide sashing? he he he... OK, I exaggerate but it will work). ..
So what I did was... cut & sandwiched a 2 1/2" sashing strip (red) and quilted it, in this case I used just one straight line of walking foot quilting. I think if you wanted to do some free motion, it would be safer to cut the fabric wider than the desired sashing so that it could be trimmed to the exact size after quilting. Then I joined the red, quilted sashings to my blocks with white fabric using the same method as for Quilt-As-You-Go, easy!
I used white fabric for my joining strips for two reasons... 1. I wanted it to show up for demonstration purposes, I could easily have used the red fabric so that the join wouldn't be so noticeable. 2. I think it looks good!
This is what the back looks like, only one fabric, it's a Brazilian cotton and I think, looks great with the white thread. You can see the quilting, each block is completely different. There's a lot of stitching to do all the joining, especially because I decided to use a blanket stitch on the joining bits, I love my blanket stitch.
Considering this quilt was only an experiment.. I am very much liking how it's turning out you know. Today I "would like" to add borders... more later.

You can see how many times I wrote the word 'sashing' almost every post has the blooming word... wouldn't you think that the spell check might have realised that it should add "SASHING" to its word bank! ha ha ha

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