Friday, 12 November 2010

Angie Quilts, A Shop

It happened like this.... In Stoke-On-Trent, it's really not easy to find stuff for Patchwork & Quilting, especially equipment and wadding/batting. During the year I did visit several shops to ask whether they would stock the things we need... alas, they didn't want to play.
We can travel further out, there are shops if you are prepared to drive for almost an hour in any direction.... which is not always convenient is it. For this reason I started my Table Top Shop, with wadding on the side, at meetings.
I have so much stock now that I use a whole room to store it all in. It occurred to me that, if I am using a whole room to store quilty supplies and sewing machines... I should tidy it up and call it... a shop... so I have! Woooohoooo! It's a tiny shop, this is one corner, but it is a start.
I do have everything you need to make quilts, I might not have everything you want, but for sure your needs will be met... there is a difference you see. I also have things that you didn't know you wanted! ha ha ha.
Email if you would like to visit my shop and I will pass on my phone number. Once I get the new shop phone line sorted out, with a dedicated number, I will post it here.


Birte said...

Hi Angie
Congratulations. Now your are a "shopowner". It is just so far away...............:(
I wish you all the luck you need.
Love Birte

Tracey said...

Well done on your little shop, i do hope it all works out well for you,

Unknown said...

Congratulations and... how thoughtful to think about all we need and don't think about...
That's wonderful.
Very good luck and ... you are still too far away from where I live.
Next step - mail order, please?

Helen said...

Slowly you are getting to realise your dream. Congrats and keep going. Small steps at a time. Bjs Helen