Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave, part 1

I have lost count of how many of these Quick Table Toppers Wendy's made so far... and she is still producing them... my goodness, she hasn't confessed to buying a market stall so they must be gifts! She has advanced a little with them and is now using Quilt As You Go, go, go, go, ha ha ha

Arty Beryl finished her Three Kings cushion, I'm most impressed with how she has incorporated her fancy stitches into this design. The zip in the back was perfectly done and given a 'well done' sticker from Diane, a virtual sticker, we are adults after all.
Diane might be have to be re-named... "Our Bag Lady" she's made lots and started two more, one of which will be purple.... she's eager to learn how to do free motion and had a go on a practice piece that looked like her beginner project! An abandoned Railfence!
This is the bag she was working on last week, double sided with Log Cabin blocks... they are all quilted too.
Helen is almost done with the quilting on her project. She won't be working with black for a while now, it's hard on the eyes, especially for tying off ends.... it will all be worth it in the end... will she give it away... that's what we want to know!
Arty Beryl, as usual, worked on several projects. This one is Scrappy Bargello (which is a big favourite of mine) and it's perfect for throwing all colours and designs of fabric into... they always turn out fabulous....
Foxy Margaret made a massive cat sandwich, (he he he, nothing like a hot dog!) with the help of Dotty Maureen. She needed more than 500 pins to get it all stable. Helen has been commissioned to quilt this one, In-The Ditch for the sashing and shadow quilting around the cats.. purrrrfect!

Chris, what a star! She wanted to have a quilted design in the centre of her Quick Table Toppers. Last week, she was using the walking foot, very nice they were too. This week though, she wanted to do free motion things. ooooooer.
I think it's much harder to follow a drawn line so, after much persuasion, Chris made her first ever free motion, no guide lines, quilted Poinsettia!!!!! I'm very proud of her for having a go... it's the only way to improve you know!... there'll be no stopping her now... have you tried yet?

What a lot of pictures.... and I haven't got all the work in here... this is a very productive group, and it's not me cracking the whip... it's ENTHUSIASM ALONE!

We meet agian on Friday, 19th November.... 10am - 3pm.

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