Thursday, 4 November 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

This is Lacey Anne's floor. She pieced the backing telling us that the fabric represented the wall paper that she remembers being in her hallway... the whole idea of this quilt is just fabulous!
My Mum (Gwynneth) wanted to make a round, Christmassy table centre and didn't know how, so she played with fabrics, adding bits here and there, and invented this... it is all ready to be gifted... brilliant, and inspiring.
Foxy Margaret finished her quilting on the Railfence quilt, prepared the binding, trimmed the edges and stitched the binding in place... by machine, the hand stitching will be done at home... we then moved on to her...
cat quilt, Margaret is very pleased with her applique cats. We calculated widths for the inner border and for the main border, cut them to size then.... we ran out of time... as usual! 5 hours just aren't enough... ha ha ha
Two in one photo here, Gilly (left) was adding coping strips to her blocks, very technical stuff... and Chris was playing with the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) using mode 2 this week, which she found very much easier. She completed quilting the whole piece of her giant Mat & Ruler bag in only a few hours with an all over design this time, no stopping and starting... no ends to tie off either! Fabulous
Joan The Shop is itching to get the 6" daiziez finished, she has just received a shipment of racing car fabric and she can't wait to attack it with her rotary cutter!!!

Helen continued to free motion quilt her stars, she loves free motion quilting, actually, it is her favourite thing to do.
Dotty Maureen was quilting her funky chicken, it's very cute and she's chuffed to bits with how it's turning out. The chicken sits inside a cushion, shaped like a bed but it opens out to be a play mat/quilt... so clever.
Diane made 4 Log Cabin blocks last week, they were to be the front of a bag... This week she decided to only use one block for the front and the back and she wanted to set them on point. After had a quick 'How To' moment with setting triangles she set to work...
Irene continued quilting her baby quilt, it will be finished it no time now... she's planning a very special project to be started in the new year... ooooooo, can't wait.
Arty Beryl.... what can I say.... She is an artist. These are only two of her many projects, all her own designing she is sooooooo good at it...
she uses just about every decorative stitch on her new Janome machine, she uses all kinds of fabrics and lots of different threads, her projects make us all ooooh and ahhhhh!
Last, but no way least, My Mum finished her Log Cabin Quilt, well, all but the label that is. She's started a new lap quilt now, Churndash blocks, I wonder whether she has finished them yet? It's been almost 24 hours , so it's possible... ha ha ha

We meet agian at Caverswall Village Hall on Friday (tomorrow) 5th November, 10am - 3pm, almost all day.... even so.... 5 hours just isn't enough!!! ha ha ha

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