Thursday, 11 November 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop has her huge quilt back from the long arm quilting lady and she is chuffed to bits with it. I trimmed it and Joan made over 400 inches of binding. She stitched it to the back as there's no time for hand stitching it over... Joan's going to do it all on her machine.. of course, now all the ladies want to do that! ha ha ha I'll do a demo on it next week.
This is one of my Mum's (Gwynneth) quilt tops, it's very cute isn't it.... 'twill have a bright orange inner border followed by more blue, quilted with a fish design maybe?
This is also one of Mum's projects. Churndash blocks are so very easy to make and they look really good together. This quilt will also have a thin inner border, of the turquoise patterned fabric, before it's main one, just to help the colours 'pop' out.
Helen finished quilting all of her stars so now she will quilt the sashing and the borders. She's been commissioned to quilt another quilt now, so long as simple designs can be used she's happy to help anyone quilt their projects.
These hands belong to Dotty Maureen, obviously so does the project. I can't tell you anything about it as she was keeping very quiet about the details, suffice to say, she thinks we will all want to make one when we see what it is.
Diane finished her bag from last week and decided to make another. She really enjoys all the accuracy and is always keen to learn more tricks to enable her to achieve it.
Speaking of accuracy, Jilly is also a big fan. That last little cream border is a coping strip and proved to be very difficult to calculate... but she did it!
Maid Marian... what a star!!! She has never done free motion quilting before but after a short practice lesson last week she came determined to have a go on her Clarice quilt! We chose the thread carefully so that it wouldn't be too notice-abubble and she set to.... she did so well that all the other ladies are feeling they might just try it themselves... on a real project!!!! Marian left on cloud nine.. so pleased with herself for conquering the free-motion dragon!
Irene wanted a quick project to make and as she doesn't have one, she decided on a Mat & Ruler Bag. She considered trying free motion quilting with the darning foot but was enjoying this wavy line design with her walking foot, she does a good rhythmic wiggle to make the waves! After seeing Marian's free motion.. Irene decided that she might just have a go herself... next time!
Last but not least... Chris. She wanted to try out the Bernina walking foot this time as she already knows that she loves the BSR. She is giving the Aurora a good testing out before she decides to buy one... which is the whole point of Bambers providing them for our meetings.... you want to try??? No problem, come on over.....
I hope you have all remembered that we are not meeting at Caverswall Village Hall on Friday this week, 12th?? We will meet again on Wednesday 17th November. Kettle Corner will be so please to see you after missing us for so long... he he he
There'll be a few new fabrics in the "Table Top Shop, Wadding On The Side"... lots of wadding... big rolls of it actually! You need wadding... pop in, you don't have to be in class to visit the Table Top Shop!

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