Friday, 5 November 2010

Pat Nicholls At SPQ

Just a quick post to show you what you missed.... As you can see, I was at the back of the room so my Photos are not up to the usual standard, he he he ... I could have blamed the camera! Pat Nicholls was very inspiring. It's good to see 'real' quilts, you know, the ones you could go home and actually make....
This is the same picture but with my zoooooom turned on, clever eh! Both of these quilts are made with the same colours and the same blocks, they're just arranged in a different way....
I love the borders on this quilt, I'm a big fan of a half pieced border, it makes the math a lot easier... no coping strips to calculate and, of course, they look great too... Each of the embroidered blocks was done by Pat's Mother.
Pat made this quilt as part of a friendly challenge and Irene loved it, so I whoooooshed right to the front to get the shot... felt like paparazzi!
As I said, it was a very inspiring lecture, easy on the brain cells!!! Lot's of the professional speakers have us going home with spinning heads, but this one we left with plans... big plans... still spinning ... but in a doo-abubble way!
It is a shame that we didn't have a workshop planned but it's too late now... maybe next time?
The next SPQ meeting will be the Christmas Party, holy moly.. December is round the corner. They don't have a speaker for the Christmas Party though. There will be a few mini-workshops and we have to take scissors and pencils! ooooooher. Anyway, it will be on December 3rd.. don't worry, I will remind you!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks like a great speaker...I like speakers who make "real" quilts..leaving you with lots of ideas of things to make!