Saturday, 20 November 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Brenda Barbara's getting very brave these days, she has been working on a rather spectacular Big Quilted Panel Bag... Flying Geese no less! very impressive.... Brenda did extra quilting for the bottom of the bag... let's just say.... lots of quilting makes for a good firm bottom! ha ha ha
Dotty Maureen is working on another mysterious project... actually, I do know what this one is going to be, but I am not letting the cat out of the bag (don't worry... no animals in the hall... it's just an expression!)
My Mum (Gwynneth) made a sandwich and set to with quilting her project... at the same time she was choosing the blocks for the next quilt... I think she's come over to the dark side... but she wouldn't admit it!.. addicts do tend to spend a little time in denial don't they!
This is Shirley Lerly's new project. She's had the fabrics for quite a long while but, like many of us, didn't want to cut into them... all hurdles have been jumped now and the patchwork commenced... she needs about a thousand hour glass blocks... oh, I know I exaggerate, but that's how it feels when you start a big project isn't it.
If you remember, Dotty Maureen was working on a secret project last week... this is it! It's ever so clever, no matter how you twist the blocks round they stay stitched together...
... see kind of Rubik cube style... very relaxing to play with... I believe the pattern is available from the Quilt Guild

Brenda Barbara is making quilted seat covers for her dining chairs... she wanted to use this fabric but still have it left after making them.... who would ever think that way..... he he he

Barbie Bunny couldn't find a fabric that she liked for her inner picture frame, she chose one floral one but it wasn't quilt the right background shade... so she painted it, and now it's perfect... the pale green one in the picture was buttery cream... isn't that a brilliant idea? not that I would dare to try it.
Lacey Ann decided to do a Quilt As You Go project, but she complicated the design somewhat. It's going to use a lot of brain cells but I'm sure it will be worth it. The back is red, white and blue stripes...

We meet again next Wednesday & Friday 24th & 26th November, 10am - 3pm... lots and lots of new fabrics arrived for the Table Top Shop, Wadding on the side.... as usual Kettle Corner is happy to serve refreshments... after purchasing quilty supplies a fresh 'cuppa' always goes down well.... we even allow biscuit "dunking", he he he

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I so enjoy the variety of your blog. I don't always comment but check it each time you post.