Saturday, 6 November 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Margaret is only able to join us occasionally, she says it's like going to a spa for the day.... relaxing and enjoying her patchwork & quilting... isn't that a great way of looking at a fabulous fun quilty day... A Spa Day! It's taken her many weeks to complete her Railfence table runner as she only works on it in class but knowing that she's thoroughly enjoyed every minute is just the cherry on the cake!
Maid Marian only just had enough of her Clarice Cliff inspired fabric to make a border, phew! She made a great backing using up a few spare blocks and was able to make a sandwich ready to quilt next time.

Brenda/Barbara made binding for both of her Advent calendars, stitched them on and then used this Brilliant Binding method to join up the ends, it's such an impressive method, have you tried it?
Lynda is working on a different Advent calendar, one of those pre-printed panels, she made all the little pockets last time, the flaps are all done now so this could very well be finished for this year's Advent days??
My Mum (Gwynneth) is working on another quilt... I hope you can keep up! This one will be made with the Churndash block, inspired by Giggly Gillian from Uttoxeter... It's great when we can take inspiration from fellow quilters!
Barbie continues with her applique project.. it is a challenge as the instructions are far from accurate. It's from an Australian magazine and we are very surprised about the inaccuracy... we shall continue though... Hooooray for Sticky Stuff, whatever your favourite brand... don't you love it?
Shirley Lerly was a little puzzled about the corners on the table runner... it doesn't matter really, turn them with this normal method... it still works
Pauline worked on her Big Quilted Panel Bag, well, it was a little smaller than the one in my tutorial, but the method is the same... you can choose any size you like for your very own self.
This is a much better picture of Dotty Maureen's "Funky Chicken". See how he sits inside the pillow, funny feet and all... and the pillow unfolds to reveal a quilt, I guess it's a Quillow?
Dotty continued to work on her Shakespeare In The Park quilt, it's looking lovely... time to add the borders,,, it's quite a big quilt!.

PLEASE take note that we are not able to use Caverswall Village Hall next Friday, 12th November. If it's your favourite day, I'm sorry, but you could come on Wednesday 10th instead???
So Our next Friday meeting will be 19th November

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