Sunday, 28 November 2010

Staffordshire Patchwork & Quilters

We have a "first Thursday in a month" coming up this week so that means there will be an SPQ meeting. I hope the snow & ice will allow it to go ahead... I shall tell you about it anyway... stay positive eh... It will be a Christmas party this time and this is what it says in the snippet on their web pages.

Christmas Gift Exchange & No Sew Craft Sessions
Bring along a gift (handmade preferably 4" max) and exchange it for another!
There will also be 2 no-sew Christmas craft sessions to keep you busy.
If you can, please bring a plate of food to share!

4" gift... what could that be? a pin cushion, a pot holder folded up, a fridge magnet, a hair scrunchie? The very fact it has to be hand made throws a spanner in my works... could have been a packet of needles or a spool of thread otherwise, he he he.. I shall think a bit more to see what I can come up with... have you got your ideas sorted out?

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