Monday, 8 November 2010

A Quilt Show

What a busy weekend for any quilting enthusiast/addict.
There were quilt shows and exhibitions all over the place, decisions, decisions.... which ones to go to...

On Sunday morning we went to one in Bradley Church and hall, which is over in the direction of Stafford. We had been told about it during the SPQ meeting on Thursday. I only took a few photos, the quilts were in pews which was great for getting very close to them...
but we weren't able to stand back to get them in shot, no matter, I saw plenty to inspire me. The blue and white log cabin quilt was my favourite and I voted for it. It was hand quilted but it was the quilting design that intrigued me.

It's Monday now... back to the duties of normal life which have rather piled up with going out all weekend... sigh!

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