Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Shirley Lerly spread out her quilt to check it over before starting free motion quilting... and the ladies all flocked to have a look... we always do that! Lerly then showed the two smaller quilts that she'd made from her lovely left overs....
This is Chris's Mat & Ruler bag... could actually be the biggest mat & ruler bag in the world.. he he he... we agreed that it could double up as a sleeping beg should anyone need it...

Arty Beryl's work just takes your breath away... the things she thinks of , the bits and bobs she adds to give 'just the right' zing to her quilts... amazing, fluffy bits, shiny bits poofed up bits... she's having so much fun.

Lizi brought in her 12 rows and was able to get them all joined together today... it's fair to say there was plenty of Wowing!!! this is Lizi's first quilt, after helping her mum with table topper that is... fabulous.

Remember Dotty Maureen started her new applique project last Friday... tis finished quilted bound and all... (not sure about the label) This picture doesn't show how very beautiful the colours are, especially the purple.
Annie Pie made a huge sandwich but decided to practice her free motion quilting before getting started on 'The Big One'... this is the 'full up' practice sandwich with all her doodles, loops and swirls... she's really getting the hang of it...
Diane made this top over the winter break... actually, this is the centre panel, there are two side panels about the same size but they will all be quilted separately, well, it totals over 2.5 metres square so it is a good plan to do apartment quilting.
All the sandwiching and new project calculating and sashings and all, meant your truly had a very mathy day... bet I sleep well tonight.. me and math don't play nice! ha ha ha

There were other ladies with us... everyone was too happy and busy to remember photos to share with you though.... sorry... see the room here... just buzzing buzzing... love it!
We meet again on Friday 14th January, 10am - 3pm. It's really lovely to be back in our proper Quilt Cave!

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