Friday, 14 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

This is My Mum's present project, in this picture, the angle is making it look a bit like floor tiles don't you think... it's not it's 100 % cotton... actually the colours are much more crisp in 'real life' I found the camera was on the wrong setting but it was too late to get another shot.

Messy Maureen came to play... she's making cushion covers and after adding the final border we made the two sandwiches. Maureen quilted using her walking foot then popped on her darning foot to try a little free motion, she soon decided that she didn't like it... which is just fine.
Brenda Barbara has decided to make a play mat for her visiting grand daughters. The idea is to throw lots of interesting picture fabrics into it, to give the kiddies lots of things to look at and to search for... the design is based on the one Lizi is making.
Lizi has finished her top centre so is adding borders. This blue is absolutely perfect in colour but crikey it is so thin, making it very difficult to work with... but Lizi persevered and pinned for England... all turned out very well. Border number two is a lovely pink patterned one....

Shirley Lerly is continuing to improve with her free motion quilting. She's getting great even curves.. and she's getting much more confident about the "FREE" of free motion...
Here we have Joan The Shop, a few changes to the original design ( Lilly's Colours) three strip sashing and corner stones AND apartment quilting... holy moly.. so much math-ing....
Dotty Maureen found a pattern online.. it was meant to be done using a specific ruler but we figured out how to cut it with a standard rectangle... it looks great don't you think?
Here's Barbie's project.. she is loving how it's turned out, thank goodness. It's quite a responsibility choosing patterns for the ladies... what if they don't like them after cutting their fabric into tiny bits? This particular design has never failed to impress though, so I was onto a winner really... he he he.
Now, don't forget that we meet again next week on
Wednesday 19th January. 10am - 1:30pm.
From 2 pm there will be a "Presentation Of Quilts".. my quilts, believe me there are lots... I love all the quilts I have made over the years... so I've kept most of them... all for my very own self! and the beds, the sofas, the banister, the chairs. the tables, the wardrobe, the walls... need I continue?

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Trish said...

Luv your mom's quilt. It really does look like floor tiles. great colors!