Saturday, 22 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Barbie thought she had until September to finish this quilt... but things have changed... she has the luxury of trying to finish it for February. The hearts will be appliqued by hand while she is away on holiday!... yes, finish it in two weeks even though she's going on her holidays!!! just a little bit of pressure eh...
Shirley Lerly has her huge quilt all stabilized so she was able to add the binding before continuing with the free motion quilting. The edges of the quilt were starting to fray a little so adding the binding will keep everything neat and tidy.
Oh lookey here... Lizi's quilt is about 80" x 90" so the middle was a long way to reach with sandwich pins (not safety pins... sandwich pins!). Lizi jumped up onto the table to make it easier to reach... Dotty Maureen couldn't resist joining her, not quite so gracefully it has to be said... and very much to my amusement! They got the job done though and the tables survived!
My Mum (Gwynneth) has added all her side triangles and was able to audition fabrics for the borders.. this was the final choice. She used the gold fabrics for the accidental corner stones... do you know what they are?
This is Dotty Maureen's project... I can't tell you what it is. It looks pretty fiddly though... I will ask more questions next time....

Joan The Shop was working on the last two pieces of her purple quilt, unfortunately she stitched the triangles for the top and bottom of the quilt, without checking the pattern and they were all the wrong way round... unpicking for Joan's homework!
Brenda Barbara is making a play mat and wanted it to have as many pictures and different things to look at, as possible... and I think it's safe to say that she has achieved it... by the end of the day all these pieces were stitched together. Brenda has decided to make a few more blocks to make it bigger.

We meet again on Wednesday 26th January, 10am - 3pm new fabrics have arrived for The Table Top Shop and, as usual, waddings are on the side.
Now stocking Presencia threads... they're rather lovely, especially for piecing, a great price to boot! See you there.....

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Gaby Prado. said...

Querida Angie:
Estos quilts estan lindísimos, muchas felicidades y gracias por compartir.Nos estaremos viendo seguido.