Sunday, 9 January 2011

Which Way Is Up?

Finished, woooohoooo!... but what to write on the label? I've called it "Which Way Is Up?" because I can't tell, it looks good both ways me thinks... I only had to quilt the borders actually so it didn't take too long at all.
The binding is done, shocked? Usually I have quilts sitting round for weeks waiting for me to hand stitch the bindings down so I've decided to use my Bernina machine to do it from now on... Obviously if I make a very special quilt I'll do it by hand... no... can't say that, all my quilts are special... OK, most will be done by Bernina machine but I do need to keep a bit of hand stitching for taking with me should I go anywhere... like to the Alton Quilters... that's for hand work...
OK.. have a big stitchy, quilty, fun day ahead today... wait 'till you see what I'm doing..... very exciting!

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