Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gilly's Famous!

In the photo you can see, first of all, that Gilly is very much wrapped up to the elements.. he he he, as we all were... vests tucked into knickers, several jumpers, thermals and scarves.... (I should say that this is a continuation from Caverswall Quilt Fridge post above) anyway... what I was meaning to tell you is that Gilly made this Snowflake Table topper as a gift for Christmas... she is quite new to patchwork and quilting, but addicted all the same! She scoured t'Internet looking for a round table topper and found this tutorial, she decided that, with the right colours it could look like a snowflake... she was absolutely correct... it does... doesn't it? She took the time to thank the blog lady for the tutorial and instantly became famous... look here!
Gilly is also our Egg Lady, that's why there are egg boxes on the table there in the picture, fresh free range eggs every week available from Caverswall Quilt Cave... we aim to please you know! Well done Gilly, the quilted Table Topper is fabulous but you can no longer kid yourself that you are a beginner!!! he he he

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