Thursday, 27 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

If you have lovely bright colours and you're not sure what you want to make, this is a great idea. Make a pile of squares, all the same size, 5 - 8 pieces work well, chop them up, mix them up and stitch them back together adding black strips... easy!
Arty Beryl has been making quite controlled projects of late so she's having a week of freedom, she really enjoys the crazy piecing... throwing in all colours and types of fabric... she's very good at it too.
Annie Pie, it's hard to keep up with her now... this is a huge quilt and she spent the day "straight lining"... that's what she calls quilting with the walking foot... we will have our own quilty dictionary at this rate, what with the ditch hopping, PMS (Please My Self) and all! ha ha ha
If you remember, last week my Mum (Gwynneth) added accidental cornerstones to her first border... Jenny Bowker tells us... "if you make a mistake, repeat it and call it the pattern"!... so she did and it is fabulous.. no-one would ever know the corners were to cover a tiny blip.... unless they read my blog, he he
Joan The Shop is on the home straight now, all three segments are complete and the backings are pieced, we will make the remaining two sandwiches on Friday so Joan can start the quilting.
Dotty Maureen left us a little puzzled last time, it was not at all obvious what she was making... apparently it was the borders for this project.... quite fiddly but very clever how it works....
Foxy Margaret has started a new project, this is the centre and it will have a pointy Dresden Plate block added to the top and bottom, a wider border and half square triangle blocks around that... you will have to wait to see if you can't visualize it....
Irene continues to work on her log cabin blocks, she has quite a lot completed now so I will try to get a picture of them spread out next time... bet it looks great!
Gilly announced, with a happy,hoopy dance, that the fiddly blocks are all TOGETHER! wooohooo. There is a slight difference in the sized so we have a cunning plan which involves my favourite fudge... no calories in quilty fudging.
Annie Pie only started this project last week... I did say she is hard to keep up with didn't I. She found a perfect border fabric at the Nantwich Fabric Sale on Sunday. I've seen the upcoming fabrics from Moda... there's a lovely blue and yellow collection due in spring... our Annie Pie is a trend setter!
Maggie tells us that she has been working on these blocks for two years, you can imaging how pleased she is to see them put together... rightly so as they are lovely.

We meet again on Friday, tomorrow, 28th January 10am - 3pm
Kettle Corner and the Table Top Shop, wadding on the side would love to have you visit... you could always consider coming to play ALL day?


Becky said...

I'm always amazed by what your ladies pull together. Such a creative bunch! Definitely an inspiration to the rest of us to quit piddling about and finish some quilts up.

Gaby Prado. said...

Dear Angie:
Todos están lindosme encanta el negro, gris y blanco en especial. Gracias por compartirlo.


KimT said...

you ladies are so productive! Eveything is lovely. I really enjoy seeing all of your wonderful projects.