Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Susan's Quilts

Susan's been busy (she's one of my lovely quilty chums in Portugal) at the end of last year she had a 'spurt' of activity and finished all of these quilts... This one was for her new grandson (that's the reason for the spurt me thinks)... it's made up of 'H' blocks.. they're very effective, don't you think? Especially in all those lovely brights. Sue did free-motion quilting in the car border... on her Bernina BSR!
here's the back... don't ya think it adds a little extra something to backs when we add some stylish pieced bits... I do, I very often piece backings. There's certainly plenty for baby Jakob to look at in this nursery rhyme fabric....
now these next three projects... what can I say... apart from the fact that they are fabulous
and they are Christmassy and were finished in good time for this last Christmas, 2010....
I do remember Sue actually starting making them at my first house in Portugal.. so we are looking at the later months of.... 2007?? possibubbly 2008... I remember she and Arabella playing with the Railfence blocks... I have looked through my photos for evidence,,, he he he look out Miss Marples, here I come.... oh I love looking back through the photos, I found all thesepictures of our quilt show... because of all my searching through lots and lots of files of photos.. I've been here for ages... oh but what fun, I wish I had started this blog way back in 1998... I didn't even have a camera then though, ha ha ha
Anyway... back to Susan... they are lovely Hen, well done on finishing them all.... now... what about the blue and white one?


Quinta da Quilter said...

Just stunning Sue!!

Birte said...

Hi Suuuuuuuuuu
Lovely quilt. Hope you are fine and enjoying quilting
Love Birte