Saturday, 29 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Barbie must hand stitch at the speed of a machine because all the hearts are done, hand applique... takes me blooooooming ages but, if you remember, Barbie is stitching against the clock. Sashings and corner stones were chosen, cut and almost all stitched... so hopefully the borders will be added this week and we can get to the quilting next meeting.... out of breath? me too!

Brenda Barbara added another two rows of blocks to her project and is adding two borders, one bright yellow 1" and the other 5" bright red with fish, perfect kiddy play mat colours....
Dotty Maureen's project done without the special rulers, great isn't it? we had a short demo on mitred corners and Dotty managed to do all four of hers quite successfuly, see the tiny left over bits... they are for the next border... very fiddly!
Kate quilted the borders on her Jennie Rayment quilt, she's done a great job with the quilting and has inspired others to finish theirs... next time she will be trimming and binding... and hopefully a label?
Margaret continues to work on the three dimensional butterflies, did you know the collective name for butterflies? Lerly looked it up for us, there are several words and we all felt very educated after hearing the list... I'm not going to tell you the answer....
Lynda continued making the piano key border segments for her black and white project. There looks a lot here already but more are needed. Then we will lay all the pieces in order so that we can choose corner stone fabrics.

Shirley Lerly spent the day quilting her triangles with her walking foot, "Straight Lining" as Annie Pie would call it. King Tut thread is so lovely for quilting with, it's a bit thicker so it shows up really well.

My Mum (Gwynneth) made a quilt sandwich, this is her biggest project to date so quilting it will take some time... in theory.. once she gets started she doesn't stop so, I guess, it could be finished by next week? let's see...
Maid Marion's blocks are coming along nicely. The book gave the instructions using templates so we have improvised.. using templates takes so much longer to cut out, we rotary cut all the bits, allowing a little extra on the triangles and it all works out beautifully, great colours, don't you think!

We meet again next Wednesday, when it will be February!!! Holy Moly... is this year going faster than the last one???? so that's Wednesday, February 2nd... 10am - 3pm.

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