Thursday, 20 January 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop had pieced her backing at home so was ready, good and early, to make a sandwich. This is one third of the final quilt, only when all three sections are quilted, they will be joined... to make life easier.
Helen's Grandmother made this hexagon quilt, Helen remembers where lots of the fabrics came from which makes it extra special. It was made without wadding or quilting so, Helen removed the backing and will make a 'propa' sandwich ready for her to quilt it, a lovely idea.

Foxy Margaret is joining her scraps together 'without a care'.. good for her! She is using some other scraps to make flying geese blocks, just to practice, if she likes them... she might go on and use some 'good stuff'... I can say stuff for fabrics, look here.

I thought Irene had brought a rather extravagant lunch to The Quilt Cave, but no... she had this rather brilliant idea of wrapping her ready-cut strips in cling film... when you think about it... using little bags doesn't stop them moving round and getting frayed edges, this way they don't budge an inch! A top tip me thinks
Annie Pie has been cutting, cutting, cutting... all of her bits are ready for stitching into blocks now... this is another great colour-way for the not so economy block that Lizzy from Uttoxeter is doing, it's going to be fabulous.
We were finishing class a little early to make time for my Presentation Of Quilts, which sounds rather grand but it was just yours truly holding up loads of quilts made over the least 13 years and talking about them, one of my favourite things to do actually! he he
'twas my birthday yesterday, my lovely ladies had been very cunning, co-ordinating Uttoxeter ladies, Wednesday and Friday ladies to get together to treat me to a card and flowers... beautiful, favourite freesias and fruity bits... just lovely... thank you so much ladies, my house smells wonderful.

The talk was a success, we had more ladies sign up to join our fun in Caverswall Quilt Cave, some beginners, some who already 'do it' and just want to spend a luxurious day stitching without the interruptions they get at home... and the chatter, laughter and inspiration that always accompanies our meetings!
Friday 21st January 10am - 3pm... that's our next one... are you coming too?


Rebecca said...

Turn the card round, I spent ages texturizing & 'quilting' those pieces of card! Rebecca x

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Angela, sorry i´m late but i didn´t forget you ;)