Thursday, 5 May 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

  Wendy admitted to having been spring cleaning of late, depriving herself of stitchy time!!! She's come to her senses now though, and has 18 of these Wedding Ring blocks ready for joining together and needed only two more. She's used the Eleanor Burns applique method to make them... very effective. See that fabulous fabric to the right side.. that will be the backing, lovely.
Lynda continued with her quilting... with black thread on black fabric... it's hard enough to see where you are up to but Lynda had forgotten her glasses too... she kept on smiling and persevered and did a great job.
Arty Beryl has been working at home too... she had stitched all of her crazy pieced blocks together so was able to make a sandwich, she quickly realised that sandwiches are definitely not her favourite part of the process, still, she was much happier when she was actually quilting....
Krafty Karen continued to work on her animal blocks. here's a few of them... Don't you think they are looking fabulous?.... there might be a few sewn on point and a few with much smaller blocks yet... this project is 'evolving' as it grows, fun!
Irene made a sandwich with this 'cheat quilt', I don't know if that's the proper term for these printed panels but it's what I have heard them called over the years... it's a great size to practice quilting on, that's not cheating in my book... it's a great exercise... practice makes perfect after all! (by the way, I gave Irene the quilt that I quilted fabulously for her Toot Toot Toot, she loved it Toot Toot Toot! ha ha ha)
Of course there were other ladies having fun in our Quilt Cave, the only way to make sure you see everyones' work is to come along yourself... OK, I am passing the buck over to you when really twas me who didn't take enough photos! ha ha oh well.
We meet again at Caverswall Village Hall on Friday, 6th May 10am to 3pm.
Now don't forget that it's an SPQ Thursday in Stone Staffordshire, everyone is welcome there, £4 per person includes tea, coffee and biscuits... see you there at 6:45pm?

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