Friday, 27 May 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Dotty Maureen's Square dance quilt is almost finished, she's hand stitching the binding... She was quite cunning when she planned her layout giving this great diagonal design... It's all quilted with free motion shadow lines in a deep purpley thread.. it looks much better in real life than it does in my photo.

Arty Beryl has been spending time stitching at home, something that's quite controlled, something that needed concentration... oooooer! so... she bought in some other craft bits and bobs because she wanted to play. Beryl makes the most fabulous crazy pieced blocks, she uses all of her fancy stitches with ribbons and lace and stuff... lots of pretty 'stuff', shiny and silky... anything goes!

Krafty Karen's animal blocks are all ready. We laid them out to get an idea for the placement plan... "To sash or not to sash??" well, with or without sashing, it will not be big enough for a single bed... So we pondered.. as ya do... how can we make the quilt bigger with very little extra work, the simple answer is "You Can't" of course there will be extra work...  we decided that the border will be Square in a Square blocks... Karen has lots of smaller pieces of fabric left over that can be used... she made a few... they look really good and, best of all... she actually enjoyed making them... sometimes extra work can be fun!

Foxy Margaret has acquired an antique chair and wants a quilt to accompany it. She looked through the books and papers trying to find something 'perfect'. For a few designs... I was thinking they were a bit modern for a special, antique chair... I suggested that a Log Cabin quilt would be a perfect idea...  a design that's 'older than old' and never dates... so it's modern too.... are you confused? Anyway, the outcome was the start of a fabulous scrappy Log Cabin block or two...

Annie Pie wasn't able to stay for the day but she couldn't wait to show us her Square Dance quilt top. She's going to add a pieced border and wanted a little advice... decisions, decisions.... don't worry... we decided! ha ha ha

There's not much point me telling you that we meet again on Friday as it is Friday today... I have had problems logging in to Blogger, sorry for the delay if you were waiting for my post... it's all too technical for me, but hey ho... I've done it now... all by my very own self!... you might have to put up with a few errors while I figure out how stuff works though!

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