Sunday, 15 May 2011

Quilty Quarters

I've had my Mum's (Gwynneth) quilt hanging over my banister for over a week whilst trying to make a decision about the quilting. I spent time running my finger over it hoping for an easy to do and effective design. Something that would show up the secondary pattern.. I hope you can see it... big circular shapes? very clever and that's what had drawn Mum to want to make it in the first place... Yesterday, I made a start with tiny meanders in all of the cream bits, I'm hoping to quilt longer lines in the red bits, if I quilt them at all... I'll put it back over the banister for more pondering after finishing the meanders...
Before that, also yesterday, I finished quilting Annie Pie's leafy quilt, she chose a beautiful King Tut thread with all Autumn-y colours... I don't know about you but I feel very silly whilst sewing with the beautiful variegated threads we can buy these days... ooooh Orange... ooooh Green... oooooh it's going Yellow... ha ha ha... Do you do that? I've left all the ends for Annie to tie off and thread through nice and neat... not my favourite job but, In my opinion, a job that is so well worth doing for a fabulous finish.

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Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Hi Angie!

Yes blogger didn't want me to comment either, but I just pressed again and here I am!

Your Mum's quilt is so beautiful! That's a pattern I want to try too! The Leafy Quilt is gorgeous too - glad to read "beautiful" King Tut thread, as I have bought a reel of variegated creams to quilt my Vines quilt (this poor quilt has been waiting in the wings for well over a year) and I haven't used King Tut before. Now I might just get a wriggle on with it - it has vertical rows of appliqued vines with flowers.... I have seen where some quilters just quilt right over the flowers even if they are blanket stitched - what do you think? or do I just meander and twirl around the flowers leaving the applique with no quilting on it at all?

Have a great week!