Sunday, 1 May 2011

Free Motion Quilting With Juki

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with this quilting, OK I'll try, ha ha ha.... I'm absolutely chuffed to bits!!! What a funny expression that is... I hope it translates for those of you who read using a translating site... as you will have seen, I used the Juki TL-98 P, my verdict is... the machine is fantastic... tis no longer a beast... I've trained it to play really nicely...
I couldn't resist showing the back, this is very naughty as Irene hasn't even seen it yet.. but I know she will love it... the picture shows one of the corners so you get to see the main area and the fabulous thing I stitched for the borders... I know I'm blowing my own trumpet good and loud... I am feeling very happy... don't worry about Irene... I emailed her and she's fine with me blogging about her wonderful quilt... and my wonderful quilting !! ha ha ha... toot toot toot


Arco Iris a Metro said...

Gosh!!! Never thought I'd hear you say a nice word about a machine other than the 440EQ. glad you like Juki - you know I'm the distributor in PORTUGAL? Not to say any less of the ELNA... i have the 740 (are you familiar with it?) Awesome with the straight quilting too.

Haven't talked for a while, am planning on going to London in August. Not sure how far you live, but maybe we can somehow get together.

Miss ya,

KimT said...

The quilting is impressive so toot toot toot away. Nice work. I only dream that I will be able to quilt on a domestic machine like you do one day.