Friday, 13 May 2011

Quilty Quarters With Juki

  I wanted to show you what I'd been up to in my Quilty Quarters but, this morning, the folk at Blogger were doing something for maintenance meaning that no-one could post stuff, including ME! How very dare they? Don't they know there are ladies waiting to read me with their breakfast... according to my emails at least, ha ha ha... anyway... On Wednesday, Annie Pie requested my help to quilt this leafy quilt. Yesterday I was able to stitch all but the last quarter before life got in the way... real life?... mending rips in work trousers!!! tisk, tisk! See the paper, that's my practice scribbles, I wanted to train my head to tell my hands how to move the quilt so I drew it over and over and over again... it works, I'm all trained in leaves at the moment, you could try it too.

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