Saturday, 7 May 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Dotty Maureen loves to learn new patchwork methods and ways of doing things. After we demonstrated how to make the Square Dance quilt using Annie's project a few weeks ago, Dotty went home and couldn't wait to have a go for her very own self... here you can see it's almost finished... which shouldn't surprise you at all! ha ha She added small borders so I expect it will be ready for a sandwich next time she comes to the Quilt Cave. 
Maid Marion was funny, she wanted only a little advice for choosing some of the stitches on her Bernina... how to change them by increasing the length and width.. she wasn't going to work on this project... it's one to do at home, phooooey... she couldn't stop, she was so happy with the results and laughed as she left, not even having started the project that she had meant to be doing... a perfect example of PMS, yeeeeha! (Pleasing My Self)
Annie Pie made her sandwich last time she came to our Cave and had started to quilt it at home. Realising that she didn't have the right thread (I mean the right thread for Annie herself, not the right thread for the quilt police, we don't let them come in!) anyway, she came to the 'Table Top Shop, wadding on the side' and purchased a gorgeous red King Tut for the top
and she used this beige-y King Tut on the bottom. The back of the quilt shows up the stitching very well.. the ladies all love to turn a quilt over to see the back.... seasoned quilters and not even a year has passed yet, woohooo. we just can't resist flipping project over to see the 'nitty-gritty of the process.. don't tell me you don't do that!
This is my Mum's (Gwynneth) 10 Minute Block quilt, I did the free motion quilting for her so now she is using the walking foot to do a little, tiny zig-zag round the inside of the Cathedral-ly bits... they needed something to hold them down a bit and it was too many layers to use a darning foot... 8 layers of fabric in total... gotta love your walking foot for the difficult jobs
Joan The Shop is back from her holidays looking fabulous and refreshed. She took this quilt with her to France intending to finish the quilting... obviously she had so much holiday fun as she was back to the quilting in the Quilt Cave.. not much though, she did get most of it done. Here she is marking circles to free motion.
This is Mum's (Gwynneth's) Kayak block project... each centre junction has 12 seams meeting.. had I noticed while she was making this we could have used the Kaleidoscope block and made it with only 8 seams.. too late now, tis a sandwich ready to be quilted on the fabulous Juki TL-98 P, by me, myself, yours truly.. there might be a bit more tooting on my trumpet, he he he

We meet again in Caverswall Village Hall ( it's in Stoke-On-Trent, did you know?) next Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th... oooooer missis, don't worry, we aren't supersticious at all, at least I know I'm not, hmmmmmm

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