Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quilty Quarters, HST's

I cleaned my Quilty Quarters... vacuumed and dusted. Folded up fabrics, sorted out "stuff".. there was a lot of "stuff".. all over the place... I can now 'see the wood' I have never had so many projects on the go all at the same time... tis not my usual way, time to crack on and get them finished up. I know some quilters have loooong lists of, what we call, UFO's, I have 4, but mine are PhD's (Projects Half Done) plus two workshop starts that I really have no urge to continue with... not bad at all in print.. but in my head... grrrrrrr........
The blooming Blogger people have forced me into using this new blogging stuff. I apologize now if you get fed up of me messing about, I have to learn 'how to' all over again... and I am rather an expert "Numpty" when it comes to computers!

There is a "First Thursday of the month" this week, 5th May, which means there will be an SPQ meeting (Staffordshire Patchworkers & Quilters) in Stone, Christ Church Hall this time. Warning there's a Toot Toot Toot coming up now... I am the "turn", the proper lady had cancelled so I have stepped in to rescue the day, evening actually... I am taking loads of my quilts to show and talk about... did I mention that I love my quilts and how much I love talking about them.. he he he Toot Toot Toot again!

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