Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Quilty Quarters

You are, for sure, going to think I am crackers... I had the centre of this quilt finished... see the word "had"? I made the blocks at 8" finished and I fancied making the same blocks, 6" finished for the borders. I do want to add a strip of the purple fabric (as in the picture) BUT... 6 x 8" = 48" so 8 x 6" blocks fit exactly, precisely, spot on, perfect... no room for a strip on the sides then (are you following? it's a coping strip mathy thing) so... to rectify this, I have added another row of 8" blocks to the bottom of the centre... see why I think I must be crackers... who adds a row of blocks so that they can use a coping strip, when a coping strip is used to make a pieced border fit?? ME that's who... PMS (Pleasing My Self) I need 16 more 6" blocks and I will be done... unless I change my mind... which is highly likely... tis such a good job I like making HST's (Half Square Triangles)

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