Saturday, 21 May 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Shirley Lerly made a start on the quilting of her huge blue quilt. She had the luxury of an extra table to the left side of her machine to take the weight of the quilt, which is such a big help... you can do it at home by using your ironing board, just drop the height down to that of your table, place it to your left side and "Bob's Your Uncle" (actually... he's my brother he he he!)
Joan The Shop has almost finished stitching the binding on her leafy quilt so it was time to get back to this work of art... if you remember, the top was complete and Joan just needed to piece all the bits of applique together to make up the second top which for ease of understanding we shall call the back. The small problem was.. neither Joan nor myself could remember our plan, we have had 5 weeks of sleeps since the decisions were made! ha ha ha no worries as we went back to the drawing board and made up a new plan...
Chris The Foot (who I have to say, is hardly even wobbling now as her foot repairs from it's operation) completed her Split 4-Patch quilt top and was able to make a sandwich. There are no limits to how this design can be quilted. Chris and my good self doodled our fingers over many of them... some using the walking foot, some "ditch hopping" and, of course, some designs will involve using her wonderful Bernina Baby's BSR... she just needs to make a decision and make a start on it... decisions, decisions....
Actually you know, we didn't have any ladies piecing yesterday, Barbie was quilting, Helen was marking out pieces for embroidery and Maid Marion continued to embroider and play with her fancy Bernina stitches for the Heirloom quilt cushion she's making. We had two lovely ladies come to visit so they could play with the Juki TL 98-Perfection... we call it the big Juki! If you would like to come play with the 'Big Juki' just contact me and I will set it up for ya... no problem!
As I said it the last post..., Table Top Shop has had to be increased to the 5 tables, wadding still just about fits at the side... though yesterday it was relegated to sitting under the Table Top Shop and 4 more beautiful fabrics were waiting for me when I got home. 
Ok... I'm off to play now in my quilty quarters.... oh, first there are chores to be done... Ready, Steady... Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ha ha ha

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