Thursday 1 April 2010

Quilted Mat & Ruler Bag

This is the fourth Mat & Ruler bag that I've made... so far. The first was just a trial made with pretty 'naff' fabrics, just to see whether my idea worked, Gillian has that one, just borrowed until she makes one of her own.
The second I sold to Messy Maureen, that was the rather bright orange one I showed you in this post. The third I sold to Shirley Lerly, wow that was a bright one, so now I made this, the fourth... the fabric is Brazilian and used to be curtains, the pocket is 'quilt-as-you-go' using scraps.
The idea was to make a 'how to' to share with you, I do take pictures of the process, have done so 3 times now.. but once I get to the bit where I make the pocket, which is a lot of fun, I forget to continue with the pictures and I finish the bag.... no pictures of the process so... no end to the tutorial... now I will make another bag... number 5, and try reeeeeeeeeeeealy hard to remember the pictures all the way through..... If I am successful, there will be a 'how to' for you... don't hold your breath though, looks like I'm having memory issues... he he he!


Helen said...

See you can do bags and doesn't it feel good to earn some money from your own creation. Bjs Helen

Jody said...

I'm waiting!! Love the bag!

AlmaRosa said...

Muy bonito Angie