Tuesday 20 April 2010


I found this brilliantly simple tutorial about cleaning and oiling all front loading sewing machines ... it is very easy to see exactly what you should be doing to maintain your sewing machine in tip top condition.
It has a short video that does show a Bernina but is relevant to all front loading bobbin machines.... and I hope you will spare a few minutes to watch it.... especially all of my ladies from Portugal, Liz & Ian and Jenni as I know you all have wonderful Berninas & Aurora babies that need this special care, to show you love them!

As the tutorial states, you should clean your machine after only 8 hours of stitching, not after 8 months or 8 years!
OK, go do it.... go clean and lubricate your machine... and while you are there... treat yourself to a new needle eh!

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Helen said...

Simple and to the point video. What could be easier. Bjs Helen