Sunday 25 April 2010

"Quilting With Friends"

Oh yes "Quilting With Friends" new friends for me! This event was organised by quilters in the Warwick area. It was held in a fabulous church hall, large, clean, great light, great facilities and loads of parking... quite easy to find too, he he he.

I saw lots of swapping of e-mail addresses, blog pages and telephone numbers.... New friends, old friends, they were all very content!

There was a very helpful talky bit which I enjoyed... ladies bought in their quilty purchases to say whether they had been useless or brilliant ideas. One lady was using this iron on one of the demonstration tables, the electric plug is almost as big as the iron!.... the cutest thing?

The maker of this quilt thought it was too bright! I loved it! I don't think it is too bright at all

The owner of this one is in the process of hand quilting....

This is one lady's first ever quilt, she was lovely, she told me that she had managed to buy herself a second hand Horn cabinet, which she is very proud of!

These quilts were made as a group 'Round Robin' project... every one is very different... considering they all had the very same instructions... interesting eh!

These next photos are works started at a Rick Timms Convergence workshop

This little quilt was made at an Ineke Berlyn workshop.....

and this is a project that fascinated me the most... apparently it had been in a magazine a while ago, tis on my 'I want to make one' list now... but I will be machine quilting mine and finally using some of those wonderful stitches on my Bernina!

We had a fantastic day, stitching, looking, chatting, listening, laughing... all the things that most of us quilters just love to do....
it was a 1 1/2 hour journey for Dotty Maureen and myself but well worth the effort, I will let you know when Warwick's quilters organise the next one, just in case you want to go too.
AND... I will endevour to organise a similar day up here in Staffordshire.... that's how much fun it was!

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Mandy said...

It was lovely to meet you, I'm looking forward to meeting you again. (shame you don't live closer) I am so glad you managed to photograph the Ricky Timms Convergence quilts, I've fallen deeply for them and have already ordered a couple of his books.

Love your blog!