Monday 19 April 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Liz has cracked it! All of her blocks are complete and the triangles all go in the desired direction. With all the blocks spread out on the floor, we discovered a few rebel ones, so we corrected them.
The Saw Tooth border blocks have been a challenge for most of my ladies, and my guy, but I think Liz has suffered more than most... but no matter now, she proved she has loads of patience, and it has paid off..... she is on the home straight.... She has started talking to herself though.... oooooer... but only half sentences.... very hard to figure out... an example?.... "Oh why did that... I know what, do you think.... no, it's ok now"... see what I mean, ha ha ha
Ian is also making good progress, he is totally in control of the fabric placement. His strict planning and methodical piecing (though driving me insane, he he he) is paying off and his project is looking wonderful, Ian's top will finished soon too. He is designing his next project already!

Shirly Lerly came for the morning, she bought lovely new fabrics to cut up ready for her new project, Chunky Churdash. She made two small sandwiches of her practice blocks which will be made into cushions.

We will meet again next Sunday 25th April, there are spare tables, would you like to join us?

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Rhonda said...

This quilt is looking very it!