Tuesday 6 April 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Lizzie, the smiley lady, entered the room with her finished Mat & Ruler bag over her shoulder! I am so proud of her for making her very own bag. It's carefully co-ordinated.... lovely.
Smiley Lizzie cracked on with her next project.... A Pineapple Blossom quilt from Quiltville . This is her first block completed, it only took her all day, he he he, the next blocks will be much easier, she knows what she is doing now.
This is the quilting on the second part of Jenni's Mat & Ruler bag, I saw her doing a bit of math to get the design right... so I swiftly moved away to help somebody else! he he he, cool design eh!
Jenni added the pocket to her Mat & Ruler bag using 1" strips... which was my fault, I did the first bags that way... now I suggest we cut 2" and fold in half, but too late for Jenni, she had already cut her strips so she had to fiddle, sorry Jenni.
Shirley Lerly is still quilting her Rail Fence quilt and she can do that at home so she bought in fabrics to play with and to practice the blocks for her next project, which will be Chunky Churndash, also from Quiltville.
these are the hour glass blocks she made, and I have to say she was rightly, very impressed with her centres. Two chunky churndash blocks later and she almost had a pillow!
AJ (Angela that's not me) added the binding to her Rail Fence runner. We used her binding to demonstrate endless binding, a little tricky but very impressive! She will do the hand stitching at home then it will only need a label.
AJ is using these fabrics for her very own Mat & Ruler bag, quite perfect... she made the sandwiches for the front and back, bagging the top as in my tutorial, then started to practice her free motion quilting.... She will bring them in quilted next time... well, that was her homework, so let's see... no pressure AJ!
Messy Maureen's "bean bag cube cover"... a great success, worth high five's all round... we had no pattern for this project. Dotty Maureen proved how good she is when there is a challenge, Messy Maureen proved that her glasses work, her next project, she says, will be a "Messy Quilt" ha ha ha.... she meant a scrappy quilt, of course
This is the back for the secret quilt, Dotty Maureen has been working on this for weeks now, the front is very special, but I can't show that, not yet.
and here we have AJ's baby quilt, she bought it in so we could admire it for one last time, it's bound and labelled now and soon it will go to it's new owner... who will cherish it, for sure!

We meet again next Tuesday, 13th April, it's already booked up and full though.
Tomorrow I am going to Uttoxeter race course to help put up quilts ready for the exhibition this weekend... have you got your tickets? You can pay at the door so not to worry if you forgot.

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