Friday 23 April 2010

When Our Birte Left Us...

At the end of my last post I sent a 'secret' message to Birte, asking her to send a picture of the quilt in the background.... you might have noticed my 'secret' message , written in Birte's favourite.... pink!  She sent a photo, so I can show you the quilt in full... we must have liked Birte an awful lot because we all worked happily on this surprise for her..... at the time Birte was 'popping over' to my house an awful lot because she lived very close to me... she was in the process of leaving Portugal because of her lovely husband's job so I think she suspected we would do something .... we kept a great secret.... someone had to go into the sewing room every time the doorbell rang to gather up any blocks or 'give away' fabrics while I distracted Birte at the garden gate....... we had such a laugh doing it. Birte laid on a fabulous lunch for the whole group and we presented our quilt to her... oh, the floods of tears!!!!... she was speechless... and that is a very rare thing with our Birte, let me tell you!!! This is the note she sent with the picture..... "Yes it is the one you all gave to me. It is hanging in our living room, so I can see it every day and remember all the nice quilters from Portugal . Sometimes I get a little bit sad" ... but she is sad because we can't meet up every Thursday any more... not because of the quilt!

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