Wednesday 14 April 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Group

Do you think it is possible to laugh too much?...
I should call this group the "laffin' lovlies"!!... anyway....

AJ (Angela that's not me) trimmed up her Mat & Ruler bag pieces, she's done some great free motion designs on them. Then she made the padded pocket and the handles and aaaaaaalmost finished it completely, without all the laughing, she might well have succeeded!
Giggley Gillian decided to make her own "It'lldo" Mat & Ruler bag with this lovely fabric that she bought from the quilt show this weekend. She made a few adjustments to the process to speed things along a little... like.. not quilting the front, nor the back and not making a padded pocket.... "it'll do! Do you get it?
This is Jenni modeling her lovely Mat & Ruler bag, quilted, padded pocket, handles and all, after completing her bag Jenni continued working on her Log Cabin project ... What exactly was she doing to it?...... Un-quilting... I think that's what you would call it!
These are the fabulous fabrics that AJ (Angela that's not me) will be using for her Log Cabin quilt (Lilly's Colours on the right sidebar) I'm thinking this combination is quite stunning! AJ can't wait to get started on it.
Giggley Gillian was rooting in her traveling shop for a suitable fabric to make handles with.... Look out Joan The Shop!!!!! you have competition for your name!
I do know it isn't possible to laugh too much, really I do, but my goodness.... we must have had the other hotel users worried! he he he

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