Wednesday 28 April 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Jenni finds it uncomfortable to wear gloves whilst quilting... it's hard to get control of the fabric with only your bare hands as your skin doesn't have enough grip. You can kind of 'grab' the quilt in both hands, but that doesn't help you get smooth movements, not at all... so here's a tip I learned from Philippa Naylor. That shelf/drawer liner/ none slip stuff? rubbery stuff? Cut yourself a couple of small rectangles, one for each hand! it works very well... see, Jenni took a few minutes to get used to it and then conceded that it is a big help. The two pieces Jenni is using were cut from a roll that Dotty Maureen had purchased for only 99 UK pence... bargain!
AJ's blocks are looking fabulous, I think we are all loving it more every time she adds another round, it is quite stunning. If you have any of that fabric in your stash, the colourful one, and you would like to part with it, please e-mail me... AJ would like a bit more and it is sold out in our local shop, it might not be recent fabric though because it was in a sale.

AJ has been inventing at home too, a wonderful bag to carry her quilty supplies and two lovely pin cushions... she is enjoying her new sewing machine so much!
I have to share this with you... I had to get something out of Jenni's little 'Barbie wardrobe' (the Aurora one!) I discovered this brilliant invention of Jenni 's..... a pin through the middle of a rolled up tape measure!!!! how obvious... now, why didn't I think of that?? I get so fed up of mine springing out of it's roll and getting all messed up and tangled.....we all got out our tape measures and added a "Jenni Pin".... put one on your tape measure, it works a treat!... do you think I should patent the idea? If you can't find a Jenni Pin in a shop near you, email me, I will sell you one, in a posh packet.... £2.99 ??? he he he... well... that's what the big companies do isn't it?
We meet next on WEDNESDAY 5th May, 10am - 3pm with lunch in the middle!
and..... I feel I have to share this too... those of you who know my Fiskars story? Here's my new rotary cutter... to replace the 'faulty one' he he he

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