Sunday, 6 May 2012

All The Same, But Different

Annie Pie has been busy making these little quilts... all the same but different... some will be cushions and others might very well hang on walls. There were more I think. Once these little quilts are finished Annie's going to change fabrics... I bet she ran out of these by now anyway... Annie Pie must be an expert with the Square Dance method after making so many quilts... the thing is, she makes something different and shows her work to other people.. then they order the very same all for their very own selves. It surely keeps Annie Pie busy!


Dottymo said...

Beautiful cushions Annie. Those colours look great in the square dance.

Sheila said...

Hello Angie, I just made my first "twister" quilt yesterday. I followed the instructions that came with the ruler. Do you have any of the before shots of what you had to put together to come up with the end result? I love all of your fabric choices. I am kind of partial to that shade of green. Have a great day, Sheila