Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Chrissie Poppins brought in this lovely, bright fabric a while ago. We had chosen some perfect fabrics to bring out the colours and, once Chrissie had finished a few other projects, she cut out the strips and started framing each block. It's a simple design, one that's perfect for larger prints, we'll see the progress next time.
Joan The Shop might very well look like she is working on the same quilt that we sandwiched last week, but no... it's another quilt entirely, exactly the same and different, all the the very same time. It's a second sofa throw so Joan will have a matching pair. She already purchased more fabric to make another set too.
On the left is Maid Marion's block and Helen's is on the right... they're the same... but very different. These two ladies are very much enjoying working together on the very same project... Helen had to slow down a little as she stitched right through her finger... tragic though it was... Maid Marion was a little delighted to see her friend slow down... she declared that she might even catch up with Helen... like a race, but it's not a race!
Don't go worrying about Helen's throbbing finger now... she assures me it's OK now, sore but not stopping her from stitching!

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Dottymo said...

Ho ,it is so good to read that Helen is at last becoming attached to hand sewing