Thursday, 31 May 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop conquered the zip! This most stunning of cushions has a zip inserted in the back that is not only almost invisible, it works!!! I know I should be raving about the cushion front with it's lovely faux piped binding... and I really do think it's fabulous but I am absolutely impressed with the zip... I have 'zip-phobia' you see... Wendy showed us how and it's easy! Easy Peasy in fact... I wonder if I am cured?
Jean Bean's Square Dance Wreath quilt is getting more stunning by the day, don't you think? She's a very precise patchwork piecer. The white inner border is 1/2" finished and the tiny red is only 1/4"... tiny borders can be tricky as they show up any and every tiny wobble in the straight stitching but we have a little trick to keep them good and straight... works every time!
Wendy The Wizz found herself Mid-Project... she couldn't decide what to make next, how frustrating... as you can see that lasted for at least 5 minutes! She has a book with paper pieced projects, I forget wich book now... very bright, not New York Beauty but very similar and that inspired Wendy to use up her Indian Batiks... they were sitting waiting to be used up after all...
Maid Marion and Helen are getting quite excited about their Heirloom quilts and seized the opportunity to use the hall stage to spread them all out. There's still a lot of work to be done on the blocks before they can be joined... now that they have seen them spread together like this, they have renewed energy to keep at it. I'm thinking we might weigh the finished quilt just for curiosity... it's going to be heavy... once in bed with these huge beauties on top to keep you warm... you might never be able to get out!
Someone snook in a Christmas project... two in fact. She decided to get ahead... there are a few ladies working on Christmas projects actually. My Very Own Quilt Shop had new Christmas fabrics delivered and more are being delivered every week... with the weather being so hot and summery lately it seems crackers... ha ha ha crackers!!! did you get the joke?? ha ha ha

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Maggi said...

Fantastic cushion and the Heirloom blocks look amazing. Wendy and jean's pieces look really effective. I do like that red border. Fancy mentioning the 'C' word in May!!!