Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tuesday Stitching

The ladies arrived in very good spirits, it's amazing how a little sunshine can put a spring in your step isn't it... Lovely Lyn must have had a boost of energy even when it was cold because she finished piecing all of her Kaleidoscope blocks... don't they look fabulous!... every one is stunning and very different. Lyn's in the process of joining the 16 blocks into four 4's, she will quilt each quarter and use the apartment method to join them together.
Early Sue's progress is a little slower... this provides solid evidence that it really isn't a good idea to slice the end of your finger off... just in case you were wondering! The wound is healing well so Sue was able to get back to her stitching... we went over a few piecing tips to help with the accuracy, especially for the centres...  that's where the action is... the blocks are looking great..
Rose first joined us with 4 lovely fat quarters of London fabric and had decided to make a cushion. She's done patchwork and quilting in the past and wanted to brush up on her skills... she brushed them very well indeed and got them all excited again... the cushion has grown and is now going to be a lap quilt, he he he. a perfect example of PMS (Pleasing My Self) Next time she will add the borders and make a sandwich... then we can brush up her quilting too, let's hope it gets all excited too!.
Jenny's arrived good and early so that she could use the tables to make a sandwich. I have the ten tables and they're great for making sandwiches on but they seem to always have folk using them, you know.. for sewing! ha ha ha... This is a lap size quilt though so it easily fit and Jenny was able to tape it down, pin it to death and make great progress on her quilting. For larger sandwiches we can use the tables at Caverswall Village Hall on Wednesdays, you can too, just email or call me to book.
Giggly Gillian had resisted the temptation to continue piecing her Kaleidoscope blocks, she wants to finish this project first. Each of the six 25" squares has been quilted and trimmed... time to cut lots of strips then... 1 1/8" for the back strip and 1 3/4" for the top strip... press the 1 3/4" strip in half lengthways. Stitch the two strips to the first block, then the back to the back strip, flip the top strip over and stitch it down... done! ha ha ha... come on over and I will show you... it's much easier if I show you!


Annabelle said...

Love the blocks - must slice my own finger tips off - may improve my output!

Sheila said...

I love the kaleidoscope blocks, you never know how the block will look until it gets sewn together. Thanks so much for sharing.