Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Monday Classes

 As you can see, Pam finished her Mat & ruler bag as homework. It's really eye catching with the bright purple main fabric. I'm wondering what the local residents are thinking as they watch the ladies, and gent, arriving for their classes with a beautiful, large flat handbags atop the really useful trollies and wheely bags containing sewing machines and other paraphernalia... My very own quilt shop used to be the local 'Bookies'... it does cause some funny looks... we have had a few people just pop in to see 'what's going on?'.. of course they leave smiling, no horse racing any more!

 Early Sue came to the beginners class... she's not at all a beginner, she wanted to go 'back to basics' and to 'brush up' on her piecing skills and accuracy. She's making a Bento Box quilt this time. Sue's is suffering from a very familiar 'ailment' though... How to use your beautiful fabric... without actually cutting into it!... ohhhh... I hear you sigh and I bet you're nodding in wonderment too... ha ha ha

 Jean Bean finished her table runner... oh it's stunning... don't you think! She's very pleased with it... we were laughing because she had wanted to make it Blue and White originally.... That little black inner border strip sets the whole thing off a treat. Jean made her sandwich and is ready to start on the quilting next time.

Pam finished off her Ohio Star blocks, 6" each. By the end of the class these were joined with green sashing with little pinky-red corner stones, all looking very 'country basket-ty' which is exactly what Pam wanted. This quilt will line the bottom of the basket so Pam's going to make a second one to place over her baked goods.

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Becky said...

OH I love the Ohio Star blocks; simply lovely!