Sunday, 6 May 2012

Friday Quilt Club

Chrissie Poppins bought this apple fabric without a plan. She sort of decided that she could make a bag with it... When she showed it to me I thought ooooohh a picnic blanket! Doesn't it look fabulous and bright... just simple border strips that pull all the colours from the main fabric, very easy!
I wonder whether Chrissie would like to quilt a few ants on it... ha ha ha can't have a picnic and not share it with ants!
You would be forgiven if you thought Dotty Maureen was playing a scrappy game... she's not though. This pile of chain piecing is actually the start of a double wedding ring quilt inspired by an invitation to a wedding in Scotland... in JUNE!!! She has only 7 weeks in which to complete this quilt... and she's just had an operation on her hand, that won't help will it... Good luck Dotty! Maybe they might like a set of cushions?

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Dottymo said...

Do you mean cushions as well as a quilt?