Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Monday Class

When folk first come to beginners class, I generally encourage them to borrow the equipment that they need, like the mat, ruler and rotary cutter, even a sewing machine if they don't already have one. Bev finished her first project and decided she would like to do more Patchwork, so, she purchased a rotary cutter. The following week she purchased her very own 24" ruler too... but the mat? she decided it best to make a rather lovely mat and ruler bag before buying the mat... clever lady eh... the mats are difficult to transport without damaging them... Bev's got it sorted!
Jean Bean spent her day finishing off the quilting of her Railfence Table Runner. The previous week she had had difficulties with tension... seems her sewing machine is colour prejudice... didn't like sewing with grey thread at all because it was fine and dandy with the beige, same thread but a different colour, I've had that happen to me with my Bernina... weird isn't it.
Judith's been making these Hexagons for years, there are bits of dresses, shirts and all other sorts of clothing. She's really happy to have been able to make them into a real and proper quilt, as you see here, we made a sandwich and Judith started quilting it. Judith is most please with the borders, just little strips of left over prints... but very effective!
Geoff added the binding to his Railfence Table Runner but left the hand stitching to be done as homework... seems all of the first group of beginners are now real and proper quilters... they've all finished their first project and decided to make more quilts.. yeeeehaaa.
Geoff decided to make a 10 Minute block quilt using this scrumptious William Morris fabric, his were more like 6 minute blocks though!
Marisabel came to shop for fabric, she's finished the rows of her latest quilt and needed setting triangles, this quilt's set 'on point'. We laid out several fabrics and placed the rows of blocks on top... auditioning the various options... we chose this one and I can't wait to see it stitched together... That beautiful purple Batik is one of the new selection I just received in my very own quilt shop... yummy scrummy colours came and more are on their way...

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