Monday, 14 May 2012

Late Sue's Heart Quilt

Late Sue made this lovely quilt from a Jelly Roll. Of course you could make it with any 2 1/2" strips but a lot of folk like the convenience of the Jelly Roll with it's the wide variety of fabrics that already 'play nice'. You should just be able to make out the strips in the hearts too, Sue had to join the strips together first of all then cut out the heart shape.. clever eh... I think they were appliqu├ęd on top of each block. This quilt was quilted on Sue's Juki Beast, TL 98... It's toot, toot, toot time for sure, it's finished, label and all... ready to be gifted to a very lucky young lady.
This photo was taken in My Very Own Quilt Shop, doesn't it look colourful and inviting!!! ha ha ha... of course, I could have cropped the picture... but I thought.... "Naaaa!"

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