Thursday, 8 May 2014

Christabelle's Cushions

Christabelle used her fabulous Feathered Star block to make this cushion.
I think you may very well agree that it most definitely gives a "Wow"
It's finished so needs a toot toot toot fanfare!
The back is fabulous too...
Those thin strips of turquoise blue make all the other colours pop

Chris used a turquoise thread for the stitching which looks fabulous against the rich black, even the button holes... a great idea and it sets those buttons beautifully (buttons purchased from my very own little quilt shop!) This large cushion will probably have been gifted by now... Chris admitted that it would be difficult to part with.

Christabelle has a lot of lucky friends... this is the beginning of another cushion for gifting. It's a pattern from the book '5 Minute Blocks' a book full of lovely ideas
Licketty-Split the cushion top was done, Chris will hand stitch turned edges on the triangles before quilting it. There are videos on You Tube if you would like to see how to make 10 minute or 5 minute blocks, they are very similar but look quite different.

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