Saturday, 31 May 2014

Excuses... Good Excuses?

Well, just as I got into the flow of remembering to take quilty photos daily and blogging about them for you more regularly.... Today, I fail!
Yesterday was Friday Quilt Club.
A quiet day was expected in my shop, with it being half term for the kiddos... a week when parents seem to work extra hard with sitting on children and grandparents have grandchild minding duties... that and a couple of regular ladies (they regularly come to Friday Quilt Club... not the other regular! ha) were poorly and unable to come to play...  the day was all set to be quiet and calm.
I got out my duster and polish good and early to tinker and move a little dust, before Quilt Club ladies arrived...
Silly me!
The shop was quite busy from early doors.... fabric parcels arrived with the jolly delivery guys... one complaining about the weight of the boxes of fabric!
My phone was red hot ringing all day, for one reason and another. I had fun conversations like... how to do something quilty... tricky when I can't see the project. A wholesaler checking I meant to order two 27m rolls of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 at 120" wide not 96" wide... "Yes, 120" and "Yes, I want two rolls."
Woooooosh... the day was done!
No time for thinking about other things, other than "oh heck... is that more fabric?"
Anyway, enough good excuses...
"There are no pictures"... that's all I was trying to tell you.
As I said, new fabrics have been delivered... I haven't found places for them all yet but I'm working on it. Not all new fabrics were Christmas-sy, there are some beautiful 'basics'... some folk call them tone-on-tone but that sounds a little flat for how gorgeous the designs are... very good additions to the already fabulous selection of beauties already availabubble in My Very Own Quilt Shop... did you know I had a little quilt shop?

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