Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fabulous And Finished

Morning Judith finished her Square Dance quilt... Beautiful and bright. I should tell you that it was Judith's very own hubby who chose the fabrics! Yes... and he has an eye for happy things me thinks. One Square Dance workshop and all fabrics needed were gifted to Judith for her birthday... 
what a great gift eh!
Fabulous and finally finished!! toot tot toot
This wall hanging had been pushed to one side for a short while but Morning Judith decided to finish all of her PhD's (Projects Half Done) before starting anything else... but she will be starting something else on Saturday!!! keep that between ourselves though eh...
Christabelle finished her lovely little wall hanging... toot toot toot
It's the result of the Simon Henry workshop last Wednesday.
Notice that she turned her Trapunto flower into a Trapunto-ed starfish shape... clever lady as it suits the fabric choices perfectly... Finished and fabulously fabulous
I forgive you if you are having trouble keeping up with all of Christabelle's tooting moments... she's in top gear, full steam ahead mode... this might look like the cushion she made last week, but it is another one! this time a slightly different lay out of the 5 Minute blocks.. totally toot-abubble! Both cushions have been made for gifting.

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i adore that cushion x